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100.000 poets for change 2017


Do you want to join other poets, musicians, and artists around the world in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace, sustainability and justice..: and to call for serious social, environmental and political change?

 Sept. 30th, 2017 is the next Global Event Day!

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Since 2011, 100 Thousand Poets for Change has been working with poets, writers, artists, musicians…  to help organize events around the world for peace, justice and sustainability, to emphazize the need for INCLUSIVITY and true DIVERSITY in our global network. We hope this calendar will help people connect  and give access to those who often times are marginalized in our creative communities.

The RESISTANCE POETRY WALL has been opened in response to a call by many for an open and central place to post poetry about the recent USA elections. Poets from around the world are invited to post.

don’t miss this article in SOCIETAS MAZZINI about rising of obscurantist fascism in America:



Universal and Transnational Order


it is with his incomparable higher elegance and style that our mystical V.H. Brother D.B., the W.D., seems to be have gone away, celebrating his Last Ritual.  There’s no need to add nothing else, because the news is even iper-inflated and we want no more and no less tell you about the invisible ray that came to us as communication by the Astral Moon where the Resonance is now enveloped, waiting the final destination according what is explained in human terms in the Chandogya Upanisad, about the decree that has been promulgated after the increment of obscure energy, to break the veil of the dark light, creating new transnational currents to have access to that Hidden Knowledge coming from the Morning Star.

Therefore, with this proposal, here a communication whose aim is to enhance & empower the connective feeling between Orders which are committed to the expansion of individual consciousness of their Adepts, and to enlarge the federate approach in reason of the extension of the emancipation against the obscurantist forces that still have their hands on the power’s institution.

That Black Star liberated from money and from each kind of metallic attraction the symbolic personality of our V.H.B. and M::, so that we may be more aware about the transient dimension of this life upon the earth and opening a new current to feel the Spiritual Path accepting the mantle and the mask of the Unknown Philosopher.

Finally, this Letter is addressed to all the actual and potential Adept who are interested in create communication and exchange of patents to generate a current and a wave of Initiated Societies with the aim to work sincerely on the spiritual side, far from the material wish to make money and able to edify the Invisible Transnational Temple.

This Temple, whose place is already working and whose home is everywhere there is a Brother of this Spiritual Current, opens its door to all that personalities who have become aware that the Spiritual Path is the only way to improve our individual consciousness and go beyond the limits imposed by the obscurantist forces which driving governments and institution and go towards a better world, a space and time of freedom and growth in health and consciousness.

Welcome to that ones who’ll contact us to enlarge and increase this Hidden Light.


Dear Friends,

please receive, in reserved copy, this email, concerning

ACADEMICUS International Scientific Journal nr. X/2014

being a reflection on the importance for the efforts in giving life and energy to a tool of communication and scientific work as precious as the ACADEMICUS Journal. It is not rhetoric, but a sincere need to manifest the understanding of this commitment in conceiving a modern and cosmopolitan Albania, in an European glance open to the global dimension, as a contribute to interpret, at social level, the challenges towards a real democratization process and – at the individual level – giving value and expression to voices directed to an effort to increase consciousness and awareness.

Throughout this perspective, I wrote a short review on this nr. X, that you can find through the link M inside Academicus Journal.

I wish you all the best,
Consider myself at your disposal for each cooperation.

Always perched on the branch of the Tree of Irregular Tongue

Davide Crimi








Davide Crimi

Third ebsn conference.pdf

In antico, era nei luoghi alti che si celebravano le offerte agli dei.

È quindi del tutto naturale cominciare la narrazione dalle montagne. Al momento in cui scrivo, del resto, non so nemmeno se tutto ciò avrà un seguito. Lascio che fluisca come scrittura automatica, come se ci fosse un dio o un demone a ispirare le parole che qui si succedono.

Ritrovare le origini non è possibile, non si può dire l’ultima parola. Entrare nella sfera del mito significa avere accesso al luogo in cui la realtà che si afferma si contraddice. Del resto apparirà bizzarro che, a fronte delle decine di libri che esistono sul tema, questo libro si presenta dissimile e con voci non allineate al modo usuale di trattare l’argomento.

E, tra le montagne di questo luogo privilegiato della mitologia, l’isola a tre punte scelta dal destino come laboratorio per molte cose, forse troppe, ecco apparire sull’alba dei monti Nebrodi il vero nome, l’etimo che presiede alle loro cime, che è dato dal possente Nimrod.

NIMRODUn nome asiatico, questo: e per legittimarne l’uso si dovrà in primo luogo ricordare ilruolo poco noto della Teogonia di Esiodo, che rappresenta la perfetta connessione tra pensiero greco e origini antichissime, come notò Ettore Romagnoli, cui dobbiamo la ripresa delle rappresentazioni classiche al teatro di Siracusa, a partire dagli inizi del ‘900.

Sumere, prima ancora che assire e babilonesi: le origini di Nimrod sono mesopotamiche. Secondo il libro della Genesi (10,8-12) era figlio di Cush, della discendenza di Cam, figlio di Noè Nimrod [נִמְרוֹד. ] è detto «grande cacciatore al cospetto del Signore», tratto che ne rivela un’altra caratterisitica fondamentale, quella di essere sacerdote di Orione. Orione, rappresentato nell’atto di brandire un bastone, lui, il possente cacciatore, che fa sua preda ogni animale dello Zodiaco, per eccellenza la figura umana nel cielo, la prima rappresentazione della divinità, il perno occulto di tutte le religioni.

Seguendo il racconto biblico, Nimrod fu il primo fra gli uomini a costituire un regno sulla terra. È scritto che «L’inizio del suo regno fu Babele, Uruk, Accad e Calne, nella regione di Shinar. Da quella terra si portò ad Assur e costruì Ninive, Recobòt-Ir e Kalach, e Resen tra Ninive e Kalach; quella è la grande città». Le fonti dicono che sposò sua madre Semiramide, che alcuni dicono anche Babalon.

Il nome di Nimrod è trascritto da Dante Alighieri come Nembrotto, a causa del quale «pur un linguaggio nel mondo non s’usa», rievocando con questa allitterazione il mistero di Babele, la confusione delle lingue.

Viene la luce dal cielo, e i monti Nebrodi celano così questo mistero, se ne ammantano.

Attendono che il Cacciatore sorga al di sopra delle loro vette, seguito dalla Stella Cane.

Modern Aesthetic

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This point ia a very clear dimension into the reference of Beat movement in literature, notwithstanding full of controversial argument. The mainstream establishment, in fact, refused to identify the occult side in philosophy and literature, indicating this sources as something that may not have a place in “serious” culture.



To understand the reasons which leaded to this labeling, we should re-start our reflection since the early years of XX century, when the industrial revolution seems to promise to each individual, male or female, a progressive integration in awareness and emancipation in all fields, involving the material, psychological and spiritual dimension of life.

The going on process of awakening of the whole population was rising from a process whose main recent vehicle has been the philosophy of Enlightenment.  In some works that as Societas Mazzini we realized [as in the book The Open Golden Dawn], it is clearly showed the apparent paradox that Enlightenment philosophy comes from an occult doctrine.

The mistake we want to avoid is to create condition for a classic misunderstanding, that always well sustained by the official culture, giving the sensation that occult is another form for satanic.  In fact, this is not but the classic way to close the question that the establishment uses to reinforce obscurantist position, and avoid any condition to be needed debating different reasons that includes libero arbitrio, individual awareness and increased rights for citizens.

The main information about the light coming from darkness is given by the evidence that the kind of knowledge that improves individual awareness has always been denied by official powers, and this is the reason why it has been hidden unnder the veil of the occult: otherwise, the official powers would have exercised their right to accuse of heresy against the opposers, just as it happens persecuting doctrines as the Catharians, or torturing scientist as Galileo Galilei or burning at the stake philosophers like Giordano Bruno.

It is important to remind that even astronomy has been for many centuries a forbidden knowledge for Western countries, since the Roman empire, adopting Catholicism as empire’s religion, decided to burn all books about stars, after the destruction of the Alexandrian Library in 396.



It is well known today that the main doctrines at the early sources of the Enlightenment’s philosophy are given by thenarrow line which unifies esoteric Catholicism (under the doctrine of the Rosy Cross) and Jewish kabbalah (with the European involvement of Marranism).  This notoriety in the relation has been especially given because of some special events happened inside one of these fringe groups of occult knowledge: The Golden Dawn.

It has been here that modernity broke up something that was before reserved to the exclusive use of aristocracy: the ceremonies of initiations into a Rosicrucian framework.  It was a philosopher and poet the man who published all this material under his name (within the review named The Equinox).

It must be said that this was not the sole case during those years: for instance, Leo Taxil (pseudonym of Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès) published under his name the Masonry’s rituals; nevertheless, the attitude of the two men is completely different, because Taxil is still under the common rule of (well payd) repentance, while Aleister Crowley is persuaded that he is offering a great gift to humanity, creating the conditions for a new awareness and a spirituality for all.


It is not difficult to find references to Aleister Crowley as something like “the wickedest man in the world” and many other amenities that constellates his controversial personality.  The culture of the establishment found to label him as a satanist as the simplest way to neutralize the powerful philosophic system he was contributing in restore.   Of course, Crowley had no fear to confront himself with the darkest dimension of inner consciousness (and we may use the archetypes paradygm of Jung’s psychology of the deep to have useful keys to query): notwithstanding, it is suffisant to read his Book 150 or the law of liberty, of love, of life and of light to understand that Crowley was too clever and aware to believe in a dualistic system (in this book there is also a clear reference to the Advaita’s doctrine of oneness that goes years light beyond the common ideas of ordinary philosophy of good and evil).

Anyway, the labeling had its effect as far as the eclectic and artistic personality of Crowley legitimate this interpretation of his thought, so that he was banned from the official culture.  As always, this happened not because of the eccentricity of the artist, but for the reason why his theories were considered too open to individual awareness and therefore socially dangerous.

metropolisIt is to remember to restart our story since the point that – after the early years of XX century – the industrial revolution was promising more freedom for citizens (as in the Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis), while in Russia the proletarian revolution leaded by Lenin and Trotzki under the Marx’s doctrines was going towards an international approach.

There was suffisant matter so that the power élites decided to react creating financial extortion through the mechanism of a deep crisis and financing authoritarian parties.  From these fears fascism and nazism took their source, including another dramatic paradox: that in the first phase of this political change, Jewish capital financed nazism, believing that it would have been just a system to defend élites privilege.


ventotene manifestoIn a document written in 1941 by people exiled by the fascist’s Italian government, it is stated that the reasons which leaded the world over the edge of war, were essentially given by a condition were the power élites found the way to substitute the people’s interests with their personal advantage.  We can read in this document: «It was claimed the equal right of all nations to organize themselves into independent states. Every nation, defined by its ethnic, geographical, linguistic and historical, had to find a State organization created for its own account in accordance with his particular conception of political life, the tool to best meet their needs, regardless of any outside intervention.  The ideology of national independence was a powerful stimulus to progress helped overcome narrow-minded parochialism in a wider sense of solidarity against foreign oppression; has eliminated many of the obstacles hindering the free movement of people and goods , has extended, in the territory of each new state, to more backward, the institutions and systems of the more civilians. It led, however, in itself the seeds of capitalist imperialism, that our generation has seen magnify up to the formation of totalitarian states and the unleashing of the world wars.  The nation is no longer viewed as the product of historical coexistence of men, who, as the result of a lengthy process, to greater uniformity of customs and aspirations, are in their the most effective means of organizing collective life within the framework of the whole human society. Instead become a divine entity, an organism that has only consider its own existence, its own development, without the least regard for the damage that others may suffer. The absolute sovereignty of nation states has led to the desire to dominate others, and considers its “living space” increasingly vast territories that allow them to move freely and to secure the means of existence without depending on anyone. This desire to dominate can not be placated by the hegemony of the strongest State over all others subservient. As a result of the state, as the guardian of freedom of the citizens, has become a master of vassals, bound to serve him with all the faculties in order to maximize combat effectiveness. Even in times of peace, considered as stops for the preparation of the inevitable wars that followed, the will of the military class now holds sway in many countries of the civilian class, making it increasingly difficult to operate free political school, science, production, the administrative body are mainly directed towards increasing military strength are considered merely as mothers of soldiers, and consequently rewarded with the same criteria with which the exhibitions are rewarded prolific cattle children are educated from an early age to handle weapons and hatred for foreigners; Individual freedom is reduced to nothing since all the military establishment and constantly called on to military service; Repeated wars forced to abandon the family, ‘ use property, and to sacrifice their lives for goals that no one really understands the value, and in a few days to destroy the results of decades of efforts to increase the collective well-being.»


After the II WW, the recovery programs coming from the emerging world leader – the USA – creating in the whole Europe a economic wellness and the great increase of the economy.  The ultra-liberal policies that leaded to the financial crack of 1929 creating the need for a different answer, something else form the ideologic statement that an “invisible hand” (to use the language of Adam Smith) create balance between production and consume.  The answer come from the economic idea of the Keynes system of a State-piloted economy, with public investments to carry on incomes, demand and transforming save in further investments.  The result was three decades of exceptional development, the promise of the beginning of the century seems to wake up and rise from a terrible nightmare, of course, but with new and powerful energies.

America was inherent with some important experience, especially jazz and blues, that creates new expectatives not just for ordinary people, but for people used to be discriminated, like the blacks.  Their involvement in situation like jazz and blues, and the extraordinary interest of the most talented American artists gave to music a new charge as vehicle of emancipation.  The electricity in guitars – and the consciousness in derivation from blues of the meaningful experience in rock’n’roll – creates a new ethic of young people, that edifies itself in a request of more power to the people.

IT_1967-10-05_B-IT-Volume-1_Iss-19_001. wow.It is not superfluos to remind the influence that the work of Aleister Crowley had in this new request for freedom coming from the Sixties and the Seventies.  It is not superfluos especially because it is not obviuous at all.  For long time, Crowley was simply a personality who was object of what Freudian psychoanalysis calls “removal”, with the complete cancellation from official literature.

It was an underground review, The International Time – now considered the main source to inquire what has been the protest, the psychedelic movement and the beat literature.  In the columns of this review all the personalities of this area are represented: Allen Ginzberg, William Burroughs and, of course, the protagonist of the new musical scene: Rolling Stones, Beatles.  The inauguration of the first number of the review was launched at the UFO club, with an opening concert of the early Pink Floyd.

The name of Aleister Crowley cames as answer to a poll made by this review, whose question was: “Who is the unknown prophet of the beat generation?”  Then it followed a pair of articles signed by Kenneth Grant, an expert (himself a member of the late Golden Dawn), were Crowley’s personality and thought re-emerged under the title The Revival of Magic.

IT_1967-01-30_B-IT-Volume-1_Iss-7_004 leary spiritualSince then, the influence of Crowley has been over and over increasing, finding in the psychedelic rock a powerful system of diffusion.  So Crowley appears in the cover of the Beatles Sgt. Peppers, in the backcover of the Doors’ live album “13”, it is the subject of the Mick Jagger’s soundtrack for the film “Evocation of my demon brother” of the avant-garde director Kenneth Grant; he is the secret protagonist for the Rolling Stones’ song “Sympathy for the devil”, he become the great reference in the whole Led Zeppelin’s repertory; we may find his name in the word of David Bowie’s song “Quicksand”, as the title of Pink Floyd’s song “The dark side of the moon” is not but the title of the 21th chapter of his novel “Moonchild”.  It can be possible to continue over and over, so that these seminal r’n’r bands has been – and still today are – influent on other bands, in an inextricable web of relations.

The Revival of Magic became the secret code to understand the way for modern emancipation, a system to experience collective situtation of shared spirituality as research of a more free style of life, delivered from ancient fears and taboos, were often the experimentation with drugs was a further instrument of this path, with people increasingly aware of the interdependance of the human destiny, expressing the will for a world more effective in rights of citizens and creating openess to the spiritual side of life.


Unfortunately, as predicted by Aldous Huxley, drugs became the weakness of the system.  Huxley is not a retrograde bigot: just as example, he is the source for the Doors in the choice of the name of the band (from the title of a book of him, The Doors of Perception – whose title is in turn a quotation from a William Blake fragment).  He simply says that drug is not but an amplifier: therefore, as in a man (or in a woman) co-exist a lot of moods and feelings, it’s impossible to think to drugs as instrument to create freedom.  Fears, shadows, anxieties will enter the person who has experience in this.  The legend of Syd Barrett and the great number of excellent r’n’r artists who made (ab)use of drugs is countless.

In add, the inner thought of Aleister Crowley was simplified until the stupidity and vulgarity, codifiying it for simple access as a satanic system, like in the Anton LaVey version or in the Charles Manson sectarian asset.  It is well known what happen in this late (the famous case of Sharon Tate, murdered during a magical retire) and it is quite suffisant to understand that this contributed in creating discredit in the social side of Crowley’s thought.

The establishment used these elements to reinforce the social control.  As Huxley perfectly described explaining the way to work of the propaganda system, the élites create condition to absorb the protest and transform its language in something commercial.  So the music of the protest became part of the commercial system.

To hold drugs illegal was the main system to take the protest under control.  During the Seventies, the practice of infiltration became very common.  The pacific demonstrations – as were marchs and happenings – were often alterated by fight and clashes, and in a lot of cases this was caused by the infiltration of men paid by the conservative, with political coverage that allow them to hit without consequences, sometimes even creating massacres that were leaning to the responsability of anarchist.   In add, the political activity of confront and engagement in use during the Sixties, during the Seventies became quite impossible because of the increasing risk to be taken by the police under drug use accuse.

So began the time of disco-music.

No more people discussing politic in squares, but jest consumers of commercial music, alcohol and drugs into high volume discotheques.  The aestethic of post-modern thought – were the possibility to identify the cause which gives origins to something else is denied – seems to have been the perfect pair with the subsititution of an economy socially leaded by the state (the Keynesian policies of the recovery from the ’29 crisis and the financing of the restore of Europe after II ww) towards a new liberist era leaded by the monetarian approach so loved by Reagan and Thatcher.

The dream of awareness and social consciousness was eclipsed again.

Intoccabili alla Spadasanta

Nessun commento è adatto per questa recensione, nessuna recensione è adatta per questo commento. Può considerarsi scrivere un giallo un fatto politico? Può considerarsi la politica attuale un giallo? E se tutto questo non avesse nessuna attinenza con la cultura? Chi ha detto cultura? Cos’è la cultura? Cosa importa a noi della cultura? (Soprattutto se questa non è altro che l’idolatria di una maschera nuda)? Si può parlare di una crisi in crisi?  La crisi è una linea di demarcazione o una marca che puoi trovare al supermercato?  E’ pensabile continuare con le politiche liberiste oppure occorre ritornare a quello speciale ripensamento di Marx che sono state le politiche keynesiane con la spesa pubblica regolata dallo Stato?  C’entra qualcosa questa recensione con il romanzo, o è un brano sulla falsariga dell’Angolo Fuori, dove recensivamo film mai visti (nel senso che non li avevamo ancora visti, ma poi andavamo a vederli).  E’ ancora pensabile una cultura aperta, collettiva, in cui ognuno di noi può imprimere il proprio segno delicato e cosciente? Come in un giallo, le risposte sono nelle domande, le domande sono altrove che nelle risposte, e le risposte non sono in nessun altrove che non sia la vita stessa. Il punto è trovare il significato e, talora, l’assassino.  Leggere per credere di non credere l’incredibile, con alcuni suggerimenti per trasformare la realtà.

L’intellettuale disorganico si contrappone all’intellettuale organico, cioé a quella categoria di uomini e donne di pensiero che trovano spazio nel contesto del dibattito sulle idee, trovando le condizioni per esprimere il proprio pensiero attraverso il proprio appartenere all’establishment cui deve la sua forza, sotanziale o relativa, derivante dalla possibilità di trovare contesti e luoghi per intervenire e partecipare, ottenendo una forza di persuasione e la possibilità di tradurre il proprio operato in azioni funzionali al gruppo di potere di cui è espressione.

Al contrario dell’intellettuale organico, l’intellettuale disorganico non ha appartenenze, quindi ha la possibilità di cogliere nel pieno la propria libertà di pensiero, con il limite di vederla confinata alla soglia dell’inesprimibile, potendo considerare la riflessione di cui si pretende veicolo come puro esercizio di stile, utile ad approfondire il legame tra inconscio e sfera consapevole per il fatto di oggettivare la propria esperienza del mondo attraverso opere del pensiero che però hanno possibilità estremamente deboli di penetrarela sfera della riflessione collettiva.

Il progetto Fondazione M / 418 Studio Editoriale parte da queste premesse, esprimendo la tensione verso una libertà di pensiero capace di prendere le distanze dalla attuale dimensione di pura propaganda e di forsennato individualismo, frutto della scellerata propensione per il culto dell’individualità che insegue leadership sempre più populiste e improbabili, per cercare di rimontare la corrente che ha trascinato via la storia delle idee dal momento nobile della Ragione.

Sentiamo decisamente il bisogno di un atteggiamento che contenga queste tensioni, e che sappia tradurle in un contesto operativo strumentale all’affermarsi di un’idea connettiva di intelligenza sociale, dando spazio a chiunque voglia portare avanti contenuti di idee che riprendano gli ideali di coscienza collettiva e di emancipazione.

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