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Loosing Logos

The way this movie ha been realized concerns the way to express something like loosing the logos. With this aim, we entered a deeper study concerning what we have been doing combining some aspects emerging from the Blue Qabbalah project with reference to the commentary to the beginning chapters of the Book of Genesis, interpreted not exclusively with usual religious material but also with the addiction of others traditional sources, such as kabbalistic Yetzirah, Zohar and Raziel’s books, moreover with reference to the Egyptian tradition and to the Sumerian one. The kind of work that was the investigation made by John Dee. The adjective “Enochian” is here reported in its doubtful meaning. As it is (quite) well known, Enoch is one of the Patriarchs before the Deluge, about whom it is said to have not die and to be bring on heaven. Enoch is very important in the Qaballah, being considered the author of some eclipsed books, not included in the Holy Torah but reserved to the superior knowledge of initiates. The Books of Enoch really do exist, and now they are translated in Western languages since the discoveries of the Qumran, Nag-Hammadi scrolls. The technical issue has been addressed to the Orphism, considering it both in its classic origins but also in the modern meaning conceived by the Delaunays, being abstractism in movement, a continuous change in light obtained through an oscilloscope. Following Stockhausen’s lesson, the sound was increased in complexity, putting into contact the concept of “exiting the logos” as a very compact source expressed by a compress version of the song, reduced to the 1,26% of natural extension. Then, after a silence, another and more long version, then another and another one, until the natural one. The fluxus of colours obtained through an oscilloscope, of course, is not the only one which can be obtained: but the whole of possibilities you may consider, they are analogues, because the oscilloscope reacts – even in different ways – to the nature of the sounds impulse. Then, the Logos generates images, and the whole of the possibilities. This is an interesting one.


As we are talking about an European movement, language is a very important point. We need to imagine – as we in fact does when working in presence – a place where people of different language meets to work together. Of course, our work language is English; but we want to underline that there is consciousness and awareness that our English is a language of transformation, we may say a form of International English or – if you prefer – Internet English, the mix we call Intglish, as explained in the Europa Magica magazine, This lighter approach to communication is the spirit of time and, while we respect the great tradition in literature and history of the English language, simultaneously we call for a frank language which is the result given by the magickal equation of the mix of words taken from Enochian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, African and Maya which are the instruments of Magick. Therefore, dear Reader, forgive us some mistakes in grammar and syntax, thinking that we are building a new koiné.


The Mystery of Orion

enuma elish.jpgThe myth or Orion is the most hidden. As we demonstrate with a retrospective on the Enuma Elish, in this constellation we can find the real meaning of the backside of the formula “God made man in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26) which, in an anthropological meaning can be reversed into “Man created God in his image, in his likeness”.
The constellation of Orion holds this secret, because Orion is the image of man into the sky.
Primitive man, rising their glance to the sky, they identified themselves with Orione: this the reason why Orion is the god-image of man in the sky. Moreover, differently from the Zodiac’s constellations, that disappear early above the line of the horizon, Orion is visible quite the whole year, enforcing the perception of a divine nature. Notwithstanding, Orion disappears during the summer, when Scorpio rises and seems to dominate the sky: from this evidence the ancient developed the myth of the fall on the earth of this god, bearer of light and knowledge.
Inside the book, several astonishing notes can be found. Here, we may anticipate some consideration on the ethymology of the name.
In Sumer Orion was know as Kur. In the Ancient Mysteries, Kurbantes were the Phrygian dancers who worshipped the goddess Cybele.ù
Akkadian name was El, Ellum or Elam.
The Hittite called Orion Ur-uarau-wannas, meaning free or noble.
The Persian name Ahura mean Sun or Freedom.
Ahura Mazda is the Vedic Varuna.
Uru-w-an, Uru-anna, Varuna, Ahura, Orion is the Light of Heaven.
He is also the god who killed the bull.
His name is also Mithra and his wife is called Bellil-ili or Ianna in Sumeria, Arinna in Greece.
Orion, after his fall, became also the God of the underworld, the enchained Prometheus or the Plutonian Hades, the Lord of Death.
In Egypt Orion was called Ausiris. Orion is followed by the constellation of the Dog. In Egypt the Dog is Anubys.
The whole of the ancient tradition is connected with Orion. The cosmogonies and the anthropogonies of these early ages of human consciousness are completely melted in the myth of Orion from which depends, ultimately, the originary conception of God as it developed not just in mythologies but also in religions.
Why Orion disappeared from our consciousness? The answer in inside the word religion.
When the ancient initiatic tradition eclipsed, the new consciousness was obnubilated by the prohibition of what they called “astrolatry”. Books about the knowledge of the stars were burned under accuse of heresy and blasphemy. Since then, the idea of a national god – this terrible mistake! – had no more rival.
Now, it is time to recognize the ancient wisdom.
So Orion come back to his role of torch bearer, for the sake of mankind.


Tradizione e Rivelazione

La Tradizione, metafisicamente, non può esser che una. Ma quando avviene il passaggio dal mondo iperuranio a quello attuale, anche questa perfetta Entità subisce la rifrazione nelle coppie degli opposti. Così, nella storia delle dottrine politiche e religiose, incontriamo decine, centinaia, migliaia di idee differenti che passano sotto il termine Tradizione. Come tutto ciò che è molteplice, si può tentare la sintesi attraverso la riconduzione al sistema binario. Così potremo dire che ci sono, sostanzialmente, due grandi concezioni, politicamente molto distinte.

La prima sostiene che la Tradizione è data e immutabile, proviene da fonti divine, non può essere oggetto di indagine umana e va accolta per fede.

La seconda ritiene che la Tradizione non è scevra da errori del passato, e che il suo compito è procedere nella rivelazione progressiva.

Resta evidente che tesi e antitesi si riunificano nel fondamento metafisico, per cui la dottrina dell’Unità non può che essere Unica. Chi conosce i rudimenti della Dottrina Iniziatica dovrebbe sapere che Jakin e Boaz, le colonne che rappresentano le antitesi mondane, non sono che l’ingresso nel Tempio, dove la regola è andare oltre per vedere l’Unità delle cose. Ma questo vale nella pienezza del Logos, le-olam avah, nel mondo a venire, e non in quello attuale. Qui la differenza è importante e marca concezioni profondamente diverse del lavoro iniziatico e, soprattutto, della vita.

Proponiamo un sondaggio per vedere quali sono le preferenze e le proporzioni statistiche in rapporto alle due tesi. Grazie per il contributo.

Dawn of the Morning Star

Coming forth from the old utopia that machines would have delivered men and women from hard work, the optimism of the post-war dream became a powerful illusion for a whole generation. Allen Ginsberg’s Howl is a rare creation of poetry where this illusion is seen in its full reality of dangerous mistake. The main part preferred to follow the Western way of the illusion of the access to a mystical dimension simply buing a prohibite substance, as it was promised by books such as The The Politics of Ecstasy by Timothy Leary.

The kind of awareness given in poetry by Ginsberg has been sociologically explained in the clearest form by Aldous Huxley, revisiting his book Brave New World, where he indicates the way the modern system of personal control and influence generated by the establishment  contemplates voluntary submission of the the individuals. The difference with old-fashioned authoritarian powers is given by this attitude, which  in the Huxley’s vision, it consists not in the use of the force as the nationalist dictatorships but in a new fashioned system consisting in the voluntary submission to the voice of the landlord, that is, of course, television.

“Awakened and reawakened” we used to say, within the persuasion that internet would have been the Aquarian media that would have give us the possibility to go beyond that brain-wash machinery that is the television. And really it can be.

Notwithstanding with this statement, we have to fight with the infiltration of the system, which works to disqualify each instance that goes to promis freedom. In a metaphysical level, we exposed the thesis in the essay called “The Law of Malkuth” where an explanation of the onthology of the passage of each soul in the earth is not automatically connected to freedom, but exclusively as exception.

How may it continues this speech?

If our thought starts from the previous article, the statement that the passage of the soul on the earth and freedom to be build as exception shoul appear better comprehensible. The soul on earth is not free but into captivity, according to its inner qualities. In contemporary Western world, there is not a dictator who gives the rule but the system is able to generate fear and anxiety and to suggest conditioned ways to have the illusion to repair from it. The system is able to support several patterns. Therefore, the way once called bourgeoise, the traditional way of alignment to the system’s requests in behaviour, belief and social committment, maybe esactly complementary with other antithetical lifestyles. Concerning these antagonist solution, drugs have been a formidable tool for normalization and control of situation with a potential impact.

Drugs are not tools for liberation but, in a more simple way, amplifiers of sensations. As noted Mr. Huxley, it is impossible that a person may have exclusively positive feelings. Therefore, soon or later according to the sensitiveness of the person, the feelings of fear and anxiety will be amplified, and this is the way drug works against the person who uses it. Ginsberg told “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness” to express this concept and he himself started years later to avoid drugs and to introduce meditation and mantram. 

This kind of awareness, since the 1955, years when Howl was written, should have produced a new mood to be hipster, with a consciousness that the mystycal side is more powerful than drug: and this is the kind of utopia that we have been looking for, all around the world, to meet people believing in this concept and in this way to feel life. Therefore we have been meeting people involved in magic practices, Golden Dawn, Morning Star, Ordo Templi Orientis, Martinism, Cohen. Some of us even reached important degrees inside some of these Orders, but we still haven’t found a group really focused on the spiritual advamncement of the Adept, rather than the power of the organization.

What a disillusion when you see that some organizations which pretend to be the depositary of teachings that enable the Adept to inner spirituality, they are instead under control of conservative and reactionary powers.

But we continues in our utopian journey, even if we should remain a small group, as in the better R+C and Qabbalist tradition.

… but it is different from what we used to dream. This is what we register after more than 15 years since the beginning of the XXI century. The beginning of an epoch really different from the past is an evidence under everyone’s eyes: internet and the world wide conncection are not an hypothesis but something real inside our socket. No question this caused an industrial revolution and a viral change in everyone’s life. The fact that is all about communication is completely inherent the Aquarian symbolism, therefore the prophecy is accomplished.

So far about the technological changes. We have been among the enthusiastic claimers of this change, persuaded that people, once upon allowed to enter in touch each other with tools no-so-expensive and really open to everyone, well, we have been thinking that people would have generated spontaneous clusters of self-awareness, a new engagement into a collective transformation. Here a short movie comparing the new open society of contemporary world with the dreams at the beginning of past century, the so-called belle-epoque.

The dream of the people who lived that belle epoque, in between the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX, was powerful and in some way similar to the present time, because the idea was that technology would have delivered people from hard work, creating opportunities for a more full experience in life, no more conditioned by material needs and finally opened to the spiritual life. A movie like Metropolis (1925) may be the better manifesto of this utopia, which roots are deep in the past century, with spiritualist movements as the Rosicrucians and the Transcendentalists.

Unfortunately, the call for freedom of the past century was buried under the ashes of two terrible world wars. It happen that after all those horror America entered in the culture of Europe, and in the popular culture this became the import of the music of  that desperate call for freedom coming from black people, the blues.

Blues merged with a lot of things. First one, the jazz which is the music through by the black musician where proposed to the white public of the concert. Especially in New York, the criticians began to talk about jazz as the music equivalent of abstractism in painting. So it happen for the upper class and the sophisticated universitaries neighbours. Here, another hybridation happened with the new literature of the beat, who was searching for the true roots of this mood, looking for discoveries that are inside the anthropological questions of the inner nature of music.

Books very different but very close each other as may be Music and Trance by Gilbert Rougé or Really the Blues by Mezz Mezzrow, that impulse to travel all around America to find a lost master, as the young Bob Dylan did on the footprints of Woody Guthrie, the anthropological taste for the blues as it happened in Alan Lomax and many others searching for the early origin of the blues in the fields of cotton and the reinterpretation in Europe by Alexis Korner and John Mayall that was the place where the early Rolling Stones started their adventure that would have drive them in Chicago for mastering their second album in the very place of the radial diffusion of the blues: the Chess Records, Chicago 2120 South Michigan Avenue.

That’s right, see how it continues…


100.000 poets for change 2017


Do you want to join other poets, musicians, and artists around the world in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace, sustainability and justice..: and to call for serious social, environmental and political change?

 Sept. 30th, 2017 is the next Global Event Day!

 SIGN UP Here!

Since 2011, 100 Thousand Poets for Change has been working with poets, writers, artists, musicians…  to help organize events around the world for peace, justice and sustainability, to emphazize the need for INCLUSIVITY and true DIVERSITY in our global network. We hope this calendar will help people connect  and give access to those who often times are marginalized in our creative communities.

The RESISTANCE POETRY WALL has been opened in response to a call by many for an open and central place to post poetry about the recent USA elections. Poets from around the world are invited to post.

don’t miss this article in SOCIETAS MAZZINI about rising of obscurantist fascism in America:


Universal and Transnational Order


it is with his incomparable higher elegance and style that our mystical V.H. Brother D.B., the W.D., seems to be have gone away, celebrating his Last Ritual.  There’s no need to add nothing else, because the news is even iper-inflated and we want no more and no less tell you about the invisible ray that came to us as communication by the Astral Moon where the Resonance is now enveloped, waiting the final destination according what is explained in human terms in the Chandogya Upanisad, about the decree that has been promulgated after the increment of obscure energy, to break the veil of the dark light, creating new transnational currents to have access to that Hidden Knowledge coming from the Morning Star.

Therefore, with this proposal, here a communication whose aim is to enhance & empower the connective feeling between Orders which are committed to the expansion of individual consciousness of their Adepts, and to enlarge the federate approach in reason of the extension of the emancipation against the obscurantist forces that still have their hands on the power’s institution.

That Black Star liberated from money and from each kind of metallic attraction the symbolic personality of our V.H.B. and M::, so that we may be more aware about the transient dimension of this life upon the earth and opening a new current to feel the Spiritual Path accepting the mantle and the mask of the Unknown Philosopher.

Finally, this Letter is addressed to all the actual and potential Adept who are interested in create communication and exchange of patents to generate a current and a wave of Initiated Societies with the aim to work sincerely on the spiritual side, far from the material wish to make money and able to edify the Invisible Transnational Temple.

This Temple, whose place is already working and whose home is everywhere there is a Brother of this Spiritual Current, opens its door to all that personalities who have become aware that the Spiritual Path is the only way to improve our individual consciousness and go beyond the limits imposed by the obscurantist forces which driving governments and institution and go towards a better world, a space and time of freedom and growth in health and consciousness.

Welcome to that ones who’ll contact us to enlarge and increase this Hidden Light.



Dear Friends,

please receive, in reserved copy, this email, concerning

ACADEMICUS International Scientific Journal nr. X/2014

being a reflection on the importance for the efforts in giving life and energy to a tool of communication and scientific work as precious as the ACADEMICUS Journal. It is not rhetoric, but a sincere need to manifest the understanding of this commitment in conceiving a modern and cosmopolitan Albania, in an European glance open to the global dimension, as a contribute to interpret, at social level, the challenges towards a real democratization process and – at the individual level – giving value and expression to voices directed to an effort to increase consciousness and awareness.

Throughout this perspective, I wrote a short review on this nr. X, that you can find through the link M inside Academicus Journal.

I wish you all the best,
Consider myself at your disposal for each cooperation.

Always perched on the branch of the Tree of Irregular Tongue

Davide Crimi