Insight to the results of Malta Interreg meeting 25-27 November, it is possible to confirm the nature of the seeds wee are going to plant. Here you have a general description of the whole model, that works like that:


so, we are talking about (each item in its own proper level):


the two most important items are first and last, because in the middle are instruments. First one is the popular face of the last one, as we can read in precious paper of professor Ray Debono-Roberts, ‘Media Religion and Festa Catholicism: Expressions of tradition and modernity in Mellietha” (in History and Anthropology, Routledge 2003 vol. 14(4) pp. 383-405. In this paper, we can clearly see the symbolic system behind lores, which is an important direction towards official ethnoanthropologics.

Ethnoanthropologics is also the inquiries’ field of our general purpose, that is relational cooperation in symbolic research in a international context.

Focus of relationship is properly symbolic research that invest common values in orphism and theatre, as we have spoken with Maestro Lino Farrugia (who is going to mettre en scéne Baccanti dans le theatre de Syracuse next May 2008 – in bocca al lupo!)

About orphic doctrine as the most important common European shared symbolism, you can go deeper into the argument reading this paper:

Orfismo, rapsodie e aspetti latenti nelle origini dell’idea di Europa, su PSICOLAB, laboratorio di ricerca e sviluppo in psicologia del 05.09.2006

(it’s in Italian language, but I’m working also to an English version)

In a raw synthesis, the idea is to get conditions able to generate a meeting among our center, the one of Malta and the one in Manchester. First step is to realize a meeting in Sicily inviting you from Malta and from Manchester, to a better definition of the project in ethnoanthropology.

As you can see also through a paper of mine , The Meditheatre experience” (published in EUROCULT21, another network of European Union – click on “stories” – the Meditheatre Experience is on page 100), the idea to find path to build common values through international agreements is of great relevance in increasing European counsciousness, and ethnoanthropology is the best instrument, especially if this is made clear with an open source approach, as doing by the European center for studies in symbolism in Manchester.

Aim of ethnodramatic project is to create European (and Mediterranean) mobility because of the meaning of symbolic experience.