AVREA LVX ( Golden Light, Luce d’Oro ) is the name of the project about the international review where will be collected contributes coming from Manchester OSGD Research Center and from the Malta IST Research.

This international review will be launched in a next conference (we are planning this event with an hypothesis for springtime), and the conference will be the platform in building common values in European culture, starting from ethnoanthropology.

AVREA LVX as international review will focus its interests in shares values and common ground for a veritable European dialogue, with an approach that aim to involve people mobility process, according to specific items in research, especially in symbolic relationship and relational integrated tourism.

After the meeting in Malta, very well organized by coordinator prof. Purpura in Prisma INTERREG program, as planning with professor Ray Debono-Roberts and Maestro Lino Farrugia, my personal meeting with Elisabeth Lewellyn, responsible of OSGD Research center in Manchester has give the basis for a good work in partnership.

AVREA LVX will give a more complex composition of the Encelado review (about this you can see the covers of first seven number in this site, to the page Encelado Review).

Friends of Malta and of Manchester are invited – if they wants – to write into this website (first time you have to register, after just login & pw) to test cooperation for review, conference and documentary project.

Davide Crimi