Dear Friends

I write in English to involve friends of Manchester in conversation.

I desire to say to prof. Raymond DbR that the correction about the right title of his paper has been done (see the article “Relational agreement” in website).

It’s a pleasure to say that round meeting in Manchester was very positive, therefore, we can planning future agreement according to this model:

1) writing an integrated paper about the theme of common shares values. Looking for documents that may be enlight this argument, with M.Me Lisa we have a focus on stone temple and equinox (about Gozo and about UK seattlement), and this can be one of the point that we can share in first number of the rising international review, composed by a paper written by myself, one from prof. RDbR, another one from Lisa S.S.D. Of course, if M. Lino Farrugia wants to share some photos from someone of his drama or write something about theatre technique of representation, welcome!

2) after (and during) we buildt materials to get this first concrete goal, we can study form of budgeting for an international meeting (in Sicily, in Malta or in Manchester) where we will present our new international review (we need just fly and meal costs for 2 persons for each partner in add to the host country: therefore the whole operation will cost no more than 1.000,00 – 1.500,00 €.

3) when we will able to realize this conference, we can organize some other operations about related argument (e.g.: further numbers of the review), I mean that international meeting can be a standard series (I mean that this kind of interest has no limits. For instance, a further argument can be a comparison study in Malta’s Chivalry symbolism, etc.) according to European programs in cultural exchange values (and I remind you that UE commission indicate 2008 as intercultural dialogue year).

4) if then, so we will able to project something more ambitious, like the realization of a documentary audio/video line about archeological or natural sites and performing arts related to symbolism, cabalah and traditional medicine, involving also D.A. (who reads this letter in copy) in Jerusalem. I think you well understand what I mean. Obviously, this kind of suggestion requires more resources but, if we start…

King Regards, sincerely

Davide Crimi

[ VEL ]

n.b. 1: do you agree for AVREA LVX ( Golden Light, Luce d’Oro ) as main title of the rising international review?

n.b. 2: Prajna Paramita is the name of an important text in oriental tradition. It seems to me good to balance the excess of yin willing in the terms projetct & pragmatic