I desire to underline that this kind of international conversation is very interesting and very important.

We have to test if there is really a common point of view in our glance, in our respective way to consider the argument we are talking about. This is a statement of methodology.

If you agree, we can reach a focus point that is something like a magical transformation of words in act.

Starting from the common point we choose, I mean the very similar aesthetic & structural form of the stone temple in Gozo (see photographic reproduction of the right side altar in Tarxien V. See: Malta’s Temples – Winter Solstice Alignment of Klaus Albrecht (J. de Bono Printing Press Ltd, Nadur, Gozo) and the one that M.me Lisa show me when I was in Manchester on December 7/10), and work about something about suggestions in use of theatre that comes from a certain regard, I mean from the special point of view that is the doctrine of Dyonisus and Orpheo as symbolically transformed in art, starting to Esiodus, Virgilio, Dante, through Milton, Goethe, Pessoa, William Blake jusqu’à Stravinskij – id est: the most influent & invisible cultural tradition in Europe – and living today in expression like Judith Malina or Eugenio Barba.

Of course, here you have just some spare suggestions, but we can surely realize a common ground of discussion and proposition if we decide together, each one starting from his/her own point of view, to write a paper about this matter shapes and values in Europe through Orphic Doctrine and Mistery Plays ( I mean the process of research in common ). Each one desire to give contribution in this field can choose a title for his paper, and share together for common ground.

To collect this kind of paper can be the starting point of the international review that myself and M.me Lisa are been project and, when realized, the common ground for seminaries, presentation, meeting and events. After this, we would go deeper with documentaries, plays, drama, Opera d’Arte.

To M.me Lisa: Can you take a photo of the Ireland temple you show me? Thank you for the photo, that now you can confront comparatively, looking to connectivism imago. The similarity are so close that no description can get the same effect of the photos confrontation. I will try next days to take a photo from the Malta Temple’s book.

Best wishes, greetings and more…