Post CXX Annos Patebo

… For like as our door was after so many years wonderfully discovered, also there shall he opened a door to Europe (when the wall is removed), which already doth begin to appear, and with great desire is expected of many.

The passage you’ve readed [ Extract from CHAPTER III – THE FAMA FRATERNITATIS OF THE MERITORIOUS ORDER OF THE ROSY CROSS ], really seems to be coming from one of the most important invisible centers that make the authentic European common culture.

This document, that have many resonances with the Medieval Knights ( see, for instance, the beautiful work of Jessie L. Weston – From ritual to romance ) – Templars, Teutonics and of Malta – had been thinking as something to translate – immediately for “… all the learned in Europe who shal read (sent forth in five languages) this our Fama … ” showing since the starting point of this illumination process, his European social character.

As our European reference in Golden Dawn states in a recent message:

“This coming year [ 2008 ] will probably be the most important and progressive year (…) being the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Order (in 1888). Why is 120 important? – Well, it is considered to be the Golden Dawn number and is an important Rosicrucian number (the Golden Dawn is, among other things, a Rosicrucian society). You will be hearing more about this as the year progresses (…)

You know, there is a line of the Golden Dawn that recently made the choice to transform itself in an OPEN SOURCE ORDER, which means something very close to the passage quoted from the R.C. document, meaning that there is no more need for secret but there is a great need for sacred, because the heart is open and nevertheless

… Also our building, although one hundred thousand people had very near seen and beheld the same, shal for ever remain untouched, undestroyed, and hidden to the wicked world.”

And this can be an interesting field for our research in European common values, rituals and mores.

Happy New Year, Dear Friends.