My interpretation of the symbolism and insight into the magical import of the Work. E.g. I observe this – the Maltese Cross is the emblem at the top of the wand of the Golden Dawn Praemonstrator; this is of course the symbol of the Knights of Malta. It seems to me not unreasonable to see the Golden Dawn as one of the modern successor this older chivalric Order, especially if we look around the common Rosicrucian identity.

In the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn that the Praemonstrator is considered the superior of the the three Chiefs, even in the traditional (original) Golden Dawn Order, it was the Imperator who held highest rank and office. The Imperator carried not the symbol of the Maltese Cross but rather the sword. In the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn does the Praemonstrator (and not the Imperator), carry the highest rank and this officer (the Praemonstrator ) carries of all symbols – the marvellous Cross of MALTA: so it seems that it is the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn that has the strongest (magical) link – albeit unconscious – with Malta. This is an interesting point: to link Malta anthropologist more closer to open source philosophy. Therefore, as Praemonstrator, I bear the Cross of Malta on my staff when officiating in that role (…) as regards the Maltese symbolism and the Golden Dawn.