The temple of Ggantija is recognized by UNESCO as the most ancient manufacture in the whole world, which pre-exist to pyramids as far as 1000 or more years. Of course, Egypt, Babylon, Micene, Creta were in contact each other: this is verified by historical evidences. There’s a lesser evidence about the continuity in the whole European neolithic culture, but you can look here a comparison between the altar of Tarxien (Malta) and the one of Newgrange (Ireland). So, there is continuity in intention and in style (and in chronology) between Tarxien and Newgrange, between Ggantija and Stonehenge.
I believe the Maltese Cross to be a pyramid viewed from above and “open” out. It is the pyramid opening – expanding outward – as (Divine) “Light in extension”. Malta is not that far (geographically speaking) from Egypt. It appears the Mystery Schools of Egypt moved across to Malta to some extent.
Ok, SD. Talking about Mistery Schools you enter into the focus theme we can share, but is a strange matter, and we have to be careful managing it. You know, in the Jessie L. Weston’s book “From ritual to romance – questions about the Graal”, which is an anthropologic inquirying, there is the statement that European (and Mediterranean) culture is hidden into the structure or initiatic ceremonies, which took the intangible forms of Rosicrucian legends.
As regards the Maltese symbolism and the Golden Dawn, the Praemonstrator (Chief of the OPEN SOURCE Golden Dawn) is said to be seated in the Sephiroth of CHESED – this is the 4th Sephiroth as it is numbered in Golden Dawn diagrams and is associated with the planet JUPITER (which is the Nibiru of Mesopotamian runes). Jupiter and the figure (number) for four – are both equal-armed Crosses – like the GD Praemonstrator’s Wand Cross – the Cross of Malta. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and benevolence. 4 is the number of stability and solidity (all houses are built with 4 walls, etc.) – the base of the pyramid is 4. In the P. R. we i. & b. in 4 directions, etc.