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A History of the War between English and French Freemasonry

By John Daniel

3rd edition

30 chapters, 20 appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 1300 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: What is Freemasonry? Mason is short for Freemason. Freemason is short for “free and accepted Mason,” a name acquired as a result of Freemasonry’s successful fight for political and religious freedoms; to conceal Freemasonry’s involvement in fomenting revolutions, secular history refers to Freemasons as “freemen”; Freemasonry is not Christianity, but a universal religion of salvation by works without Christ; in Freemasonry, Solomon’s Temple secretly represents the Tower of Babel; thus, Freemasonry is both anti-Semitic and anti-Christian; a discussion of the bitter conflict between English (pantheistic) Freemasonry and French (atheistic) Freemasonry; sub-Masonic lodges for both male and female membership; degrees of initiation and knowledge; Masonry and conspiracy; Masonic propaganda; how Christians are deceived.

Chapter 1: The Conflict: Priory of Sion versus Knights Templar. Bloodline of Antichrist; historic trail of Holy Grail sect that teaches Mary Magdalene married Jesus and bore “holy” children by him; Merovingian kings of Europe claim to be of this “holy” bloodline; ancient parchments reveal Merovingian plan of establishing a universal throne at Jerusalem by this counterfeit line of David; Mystery Babylon enters Catholic Church (496 A.D.) through Merovee, founder of the Merovingian dynasty; Merovingians found Priory of Sion (1090) and begin Crusades (1099); Sion founds Knights Templar (1118) to protect Merovingian throne at Jerusalem; Templars rebel; 200-year conflict between Sion and Templars; Sion and Merovingian king of France plot destruction of Templars (1307-1314); Templars flee to Scotland, found Templar Masonry. Templars vow to destroy Merovingian throne.

Chapter 2: English Freemasonry and Revolution. A Scottish Templar King for England; Templar Freemasonry enters London with James Stuart I (1603); Grand Masters of Sion move from France to London to plot against Stuart dynasty; Sion founds Rosicrucian Freemasonry in opposition to Templar Freemasonry; Sion foments two Masonic revolutions to dethrone the Stuarts (1649 and 1688); Stuarts and Templar Freemasonry exiled to France; English Freemasonry unified, de-Christianized, and politicized (1717).

Chapter 3: The Religious Wars of France. Sion’s “Great Plan” for word government is to create a Holy Grail bloodline to rule the world; during latter half of 16th century, Huguenots foil Sion’s “Great Plan”; Sion against Bourbon dynasty; Bourbon king weds Merovingian princess, subdues contenders to French throne; Holy Grail blood flows through veins of Bourbon dynasty; Edict of Nantes (1598), toleration and flexibility; revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685); Voltaire, Sion and Freemasonry.

Chapter 4: From England to France. After the 1688 revolution, English Freemasonry unites under the name Grand Lodge (1717) and claims motherhood to all Freemasonry; Grand Lodge controls new Hanoverian constitutional monarchy; Stuarts and Templar Freemasonry exiled to France (1717); English Freemasonry plants Lodges on Continent, infiltrates Paris Templar Lodge, recertifies it as Grand Lodge (1743); Templar Freemasonry of Paris founds Scottish Rite (1748) with higher degrees patterned after the Jewish Cabala; Scottish Rite, known as Jewish Rite, begins plot against French throne in retaliation of Merovingian destruction of Templars in 1314; French Grand Lodge Masons, distressed by British control, found Grand Orient Freemasonry (1772); Priory of Sion creates Adam Weishaupt; Weishaupt founds Illuminati (1776) to infiltrate Grand Orient Freemasonry; Scottish Rite, French Grand Lodge, and French Grand Orient unite in revolution against French throne (1782-1785).

Chapter 5: Rejecting Christianity — Pagan Symbols of Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Illuminati symbols & allegories; esoteric meaning of square and compass; Illuminati holiday (May Day) commemorates revolution; Adam Weishaupt’s meaning of pyramid and All-Seeing Eye; Bible prophecy and All-Seeing Eye; a call to Christians to come out of Masonry.

Chapter 6: Music and Revolution. Physical effects of music; Masonic music used in France to promote revolution (1785); modern rock and roll used by English Freemasonry to promote revolution; Lucifer, god of evil music.


Chapter 7: The Jewish Connection. Latter half of 18th century, Gentile Freemason Gotthold Lessing and Jewish Freemason Moses Mendelssohn promote revolution through media; Jacob Frank’s assault on orthodox Judaism; Reform Judaism born (1800s); Reform Judaism makes pact with Grand Orient Freemasonry; Rothschild and English Freemasonry (1801); Templar Freemasonry raises Napoleon to power (1799); Sion and English Freemasonry oppose Napoleon; Rothschild finances Napoleon against monarchs and finances monarchs against Napoleon; French Grand Lodge and French Grand Orient both accept Scottish Rite degrees (1801); Scottish Rite, so-called Jewish Rite, is Synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9; according to Scripture, Scottish Rite is not controlled by Jews, but by Gentiles who claim to be Jews, but are not.


Chapter 8: The Jesuit Connection. Jesuit suppression of 1773 instigated by Masonry; Masonic infiltration of Catholic Church; Voltaire, Masonry, and anti-Catholicism (1726-1778); Masonic disinformation attracts Christians to Masonry, pits Protestants against Catholics, and discredits clergy; Pope John XXIII (1958) — a Masonic pope; after Vatican II (1962-1965) Jesuit generals join Freemasonry; South American Jesuits and Grand Orient Freemasonry cooperate in Liberation Theology; Masonic assassination of Pope John Paul I (1978); Freemasonry’s attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II (1981)


Chapter 9: Secular Education: A Masonic Blueprint. Masonic creation of Karl Marx (1844); educational legacy of Marx; Masonic public schools in America (1820); Freemasonry founds National Education Association (NEA) in 1857; Freemasonry, force behind creation of Department of Education and consolidation of Schools; Freemasonry founds National Council of Churches; God, androgynous/neutered; list of churches led by pastors without faith; Freemasonry’s plan to destroy Christianity in America through Masonic pastors; identical blueprint used against Church during French Masonic Revolution of 1789.


Chapter 10: Masonic Control of the Media. Adam Weishaupt’s control of media to propagate revolution (1780); proof of Freemasonry’s control of media before and after French Revolution; proof of Freemasonry’s control of media prior to every revolution; proof of Freemasonry’s control of media in America today; Freemason Voltaire’s ten steps to destroy Christianity in old France in the 18th century has been in effect in America since 1940.


Chapter 11: First War Between English and French Freemasonry. Templar Mason Napoleon Bonaparte attempts to spread republicanism across Europe (1804-1812); Sionist plot against Napoleon; wealth of British Masonry guarantees Napoleon’s fall; Congress of Vienna (1815), English Masonry’s plan to thwart the spread of republicanism; one-world government proposed by Congress of Vienna; Switzerland, English Masonry’s strongbox.


Chapter 12: French Freemasonry Tries, and Tries Again. French revolution of 1830; Freemasonry and the Italian Revolution (1834-1860); A Weishaupt-Mazzini connection? Joseph Mazzini, Italian revolutionary and founder of the Mafia, founds International Freemasonry (1871) to transport revolution worldwide; French Grand Orient Freemasonry develops concept of communism (1840s); French Communist Revolution of 1848; French Communist Revolution of 1871; France, a complete Masonic State.


Chapter 13: “The Morgan Affair” triggers the worldwide “Anti-Masonic Movement”. Royal Arch Mason, Capt. William Morgan accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, renounced Masonry, then planned to publish a book revealing the diabolical oaths and symbols of Masonry and the Illuminati. To silence Morgan, 69 Masons planned his abduction and subsequent murder on Sept. 11, 1826. Using the original court transcripts of witnesses to the abduction, as well as the deathbed confession of one of the murderers, John Daniel, author of Scarlet and the Beast, has coordinated these facts into a story that has been, and continues to be kept out of our history books. The Masonic murder of Morgan so affected the civilized world that a worldwide “Anti-Masonic Movement” forced European and South American Masonry to speed up its timetable of planned revolutions to 1848. Moreover, our own Civil War (1861-1865) was directly linked to “The Morgan Affair,” as it subsequently became known.


Chapter 14: “American Masonic Civil War”. The American Civil War was directly linked to the Masonic murder of Capt. William Morgan and the “Anti-Masonic Movement” it spawned. Freemasonry triggered the War for the express purpose of rebuilding its membership. Freemasonry writes, “By the time Masonry had recovered from its (Anti-Masonic) ordeal of persecution, the dark clouds of Civil War hung like a pall over the land…. Some day…the tale will be told of what Masonry did in those dark years — how it passed through picket lines, eluded sentinels, softened the lot of the prisoner of war, and planted the acacia upon the graves of friend and foe alike” [but only if friend and foe were Masons]. In this chapter you will read of the treasonous activity between enemies, so long as they gave the correct handshake, showed the Masonic stress signal, or verbalized the Masonic stress signal. Following are a few subtitles to this chapter:

Central Banking forced on Americans during the Civil War
Northern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, a Clandestine British Jurisdiction, founded during the Civil War
British Masonic Banks and the Northern Jurisdiction of Freemasonry
Masonic Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Prosecution of Civil War Criminals


Masonic war criminals were pardoned if they gave the Masonic handshake to Pres. Andrew Johnson, himself a Freemason. You will see a photo of that handshake given by Pres. Johnson as he pardons a multitude of Masons, including 33O Albert Pike. During and after the Civil War, Freemasonry grew rapidly, to a count much higher than the count prior to the Anti-Masonic Movement.


Chapter 15: Lucifer: God of Freemasonry. Luciferian Rite for select few in Supreme Council; 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike’s Luciferian Doctrine (1889); Biblical account of Lucifer’s fall; Faith versus Reason; Palladianism — Super Luciferian Rite; Luciferianism becomes universal doctrine of Masonry; New Age Movement is Luciferian Masonry of today.


Chapter 16: Freemasonry and the New Age Movement. Atheists, spiritists, and Luciferians unite at great Masonic Congress in Paris (1889); sub-Masonic lodges of the New Age; building the New Age Movement; 33rd degree Mason Aleister Crowley, head of two sub-Masonic New Age lodges that to this day perform satanic ritual murders, and push illegal drugs.


Chapter 17: New Age Movement unites English and French Freemasonry. English Freemasonry founds Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Masonic Research (1886); Quatuor Coronati organizes Order of Golden Dawn (1887); Golden Dawn uses swastika as its symbol and practices free sex under influence of drugs; Quatuor Coronati organizes Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in 1902; OTO practices human sacrifice; Golden Dawn and OTO cooperate in creating drug/rock/sex counterculture of 1960s; OTO, mother of the New Age Movement, attempts to unite English, American, and French Freemasonry; Lucis (Lucifer) Trust of New York City, financier of the New Age Movement in America; list of prominent Americans who are members of Lucis Trust.


Chapter 18: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion. History of the Protocols; birth of Zionism in Russia (1850s); revisionist authors confuse Sionism, a counterfeit Jewish secret society originating in France, with Zionism, a genuine Jewish political movement originating in Russia; a Sionist Masonic Lodge in France is source of Protocols (1884); Protocols, a Masonic plot against the Jews; Protocols of Sion linked to the Priory of Sion; historic and prophetic commentary on Protocols of Sion.


Chapter 19: “Freemasonry Topples the Ottoman Empire”. Quoting 33O Freemason Henry C. Clausen: “Masons historically have been in the forefront of movements that fired the imagination of freedom-loving people throughout the world. Goethe, Mozart, Lafayette were enthusiastic Masons as was the great Hungarian hero of democracy Kossuth, who found temporary refuge in America…. Leaders of the Young Turkish Committee that in 1908 forced Sultan Hamid ‘the Damned’ to give their nation a parliamentary form of government, were Masons.” The breakup of the Ottoman Empire is the main cause behind World War I. Following are subtitles in this chapter: Freemasonry’s Role in the Breakup of the Ottoman Empire; Young Ottomans — Youth Corps of Muslim Freemasonry; Young Ottomans become Young Turks. To counter western Freemasonry, the Muslims founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, using the same pyramid structure as western Freemasonry. Then The Muslim Brotherhood founded al-Qaeda to counter the youth corps of Western Freemasonry, the DeMolay. Muslim members of the 9/11 attack on America were one-and-all members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its offshoot, al-Qaeda. The final subtitle to this chapter is Why “Politically Correct” America cannot win the War on Terror.”


Chapter 20: The First Masonic World War. During latter half of 19th century, Supreme Council of Universal Freemasonry embarks on 60-year plan to trigger world war to cast down all thrones and altars at once; Phase one — divide world into two warring camps (monarchies against republics) through peace treaties negotiated by Freemasonry over a 50-year period; Phase Two — trigger world war by creating incident in Europe that would cause treaties to take effect; from 1908 to 1913, seven incidents instigated by Freemasonry fail; Sarajevo (1914), the Masonic assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of the house of Habsburg, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne, triggers World War I; details of Masonic plot; excerpts from minutes of trial that convicted Masons who were involved in plot to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.


Chapter 21: The Hungarian Masonic Revolution. Grand Lodge forms socialist government after World War I; Grand Orient considers Grand Lodge too bourgeois, demands government be run by proletariat and threatens counterrevolution; Hungary, weary of war and bloodshed, transfers power to Grand Orient communists; Soviet Republic of Hungary formed March 21, 1919; middle and upper class slaughtered by communists; Hungary ousts communists and outlaws Freemasonry; Hungarian Freemasonry calls on Masonic governments throughout world to come to its aid; United States demands Hungarian government lift ban on Masonry, or loan to boost economy will be denied/ Hungary refuses, loan miscarries.


Chapter 22: The Russian Masonic Revolution. Masonry’s plan to experiment with communism; Russia targeted in 1843 for the communist experiment; century of Masonic intrigue in Russia; Grand Orient Mason and Satanist Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) prepares for communist revolution in Russia; Grand Orient Mason Vladimir Lenin carries Bakunin’s banner; Rosicrucian Mason Joseph Stalin robs banks (1903-1905) to fund Lenin’s revolution; Grand Orient Mason Leon Trotsky at odds with Lenin; two Russian Revolutions of 1917, socialist in February and communist in October; communists slaughter 50 million middle and upper class Russians between 1919 and 1938; USSR, first Grand Orient Masonic State; English Masonry’s 59-year project to topple Soviet Union; English Mason Kim Philby defects to Russia (1962) with instruction to bring to power a communist who will dissolve the Soviet Union. USSR dissolved by Freemason Mikhail Gorbachev (1991).


Chapter 23: The Masonic Ritual Murder of Czar Nicholas II. Symbols and examples of Masonic ritual murders; assassination of Czar Nicholas II, a Masonic ritual murder.


Chapter 24: Competing for World Governance — The Round Table vs. the League of Nations. British race patriots; Mason Cecil Rhodes and Rhodes Scholarships (1902); Round Table (1909), an appendage of English Freemasonry; French Masonry founds League of Nations; Round Table founds in 1921 Council on foreign Relations (CFR) to infiltrate American politics; Round Table plots against League. CFR creates United Nations.


Chapter 25: English Freemasonry and the Hitler Project. Mystic fronts of English Freemasonry (Golden Dawn and OTO) create Hitler; Freemason Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (d. 1872), godfather of the Nazis; swastika, symbol of the Golden Dawn; Golden Dawn of Berlin founds Thule Society; English Freemasonry creates Holy Grail myth for Thule; anti-Semitism and Thule Society; Grail mysticism and Hitler; Hitler and anti-Zionism; English Freemasonry finances Hitler to destroy French Freemasonry.


Chapter 26: Hitler’s Destruction of French Freemasonry. Fascist Italy outlaws Freemasonry in 1925; Italian Freemasonry plots assassination of Mussolini; hundreds of Masons banished to Lipari Islands to starve to death; Nazi Germany outlaws Freemasonry in 1935; abolishes Freemasonry in Austria in 1938 and sends 90 percent of Masons to concentration camps — many are Jews; closes all Masonic Lodges in Czechoslovakia in 1939, imprisons their members, shoots their leaders — many of whom were Jews; closes all lodges in Greece and Holland in 1940 and arrests hundreds of top Masons; Masons suffer equal punishment in Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, France, Spain, Japan, China, Philippines, Singapore, Malaya, Burma, Thailand, and Indo-China.


Chapter 27: Yalta, Post-War Masonry, and the United Nations. U.S.A. provokes Japan to attack Pearl Harbor; Hitler plans the “Final Solution” against the Jews; post-war Masonic politicians in Europe and Japan replace vanquished leaders; post-war governments reorganized under Masonic control; Freemasons negotiated with Stalin at Yalta; post-war restoration of German and Italian Lodges; protecting Masons at Nuremberg Trials; ex-Nazis hired to build Western intelligence; C.I.A.; Nazi International and South American drugs; English Freemasonry, the U.N., International Monetary Fund, and drugs.


Chapter 28: The Address of Scarlet. Modern Masonic revolutions foretold by Ezekiel; Mystery Babylon exits the Roman Church during the Inquisitions, enters Freemasonry; from Rome to London; Revelation 17-18 sheds light on English Freemasonry as Mystery Babylon; oaths identify Mystery Babylon as Masonic; Revelation 18:23b exposes English Freemasonry’s drug trafficking; London sits on seven mountains (7-nation Trilateral Commission); Jeremiah describes London as modern Babylon; American Freemasonry has named Queen Elizabeth II “Queen of Babylon.”


Chapter 29: In Search of the Beast Empire. The Beast empire will be born of Templar French Freemasonry; French Freemasonry places ten crowns on head of Beast; one of the ten crowns, or all ten could be Revived Rome; Germany as Revived Rome; Russia as Revived Rome; France as Revived Rome; the U.N. as Revived Rome; the United States of Europe as Revived Rome; the ultimate test for identifying Revived Rome is found in the numbers 666 printed (in Roman numerals according to the Greek text) on the national emblem of the Beast nation.


Chapter 30: Headquarters of the Beast Empire. Revived Rome must have the same 13 characteristics of ancient Rome. Ancient Rome: (1) was the melting-pot of the world; (2) was a democracy based on a two-party system [Optimates and Populares]; (3) had a divided balance of power [Roman Tribune and his Senate]; (4) was based on specific laws [Rome’s 12 Tables]; (5) protected the rights of its citizens; (6) had a sordid history of slavery; (7) was capitalistic; (8) practiced abortion as a means of population control; (9) loved R-rated entertainment [history of Pompeii]: (10) had a welfare program funded by taxes; (11) had a thriving business in Lawsuits; (12) watched sports as a pastime; and (13) had as its national emblem a single-headed flying eagle pointing west. Obviously, revived Rome is the United States of America. As further proof, in Daniel 7:8 the prophet’s vision of the Beast Empire is identical to the upper half of the national emblem of the United States of America. Likewise, in Revelation 13:16-18 the apostle John’s vision of the Mark of the Beast is found on the lower half of the national emblem of the USA.



Titles of Appendices

1. Masonic Revolutions in Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking Nations
2. Dossiers on a Few Conspiracy Authors
3. President Bill Clinton
4. Land for Peace (reference to Israel) prophesied in the Bible
5. The Cabala
6. History of the Prophet Mohammed
7. Shriners and their oath to Allah, God of Muslims
8. Masonic Oaths for the first three degrees
9. Instructions for Human Sacrifices in Masonic OTO Lodges
10. Luciferian Interpretation of Scottish Rite Masonic Degrees
11. Petition for Withdrawal from the Lodge and Renunciation of Masonic Oaths
12. Photos confirming the Masonic Murder of John F. Kennedy
13. Masonic U.S. Presidents — listed by name and date
14. Masonic U.S. Supreme Court Justices — listed by name and date
15. National Emblem of USA prophesied in the Bible
16. Masonic Agenda for the Church in America
17. Protestant Churches that Have Denounced Freemasonry
18. Mormon roots founded in Freemasonry
19. The “Rapture” — Why the word is controversial
20. King James Bible versus Modern Translations


English Freemasonry, Mother of Modern Cults,


Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots

By John Daniel

6 chapters, notes, bibliography, index — 176 pages


Table of Contents

Introduction: Ancient Mystery Babylon and revolution; westward migration of Mystery Babylon; Zechariah’s four carpenters and Masonic revolutions; English Freemasonry, mother of modern cults; London sits on seven mountains.

Chapter 1: Lucifer/Satan – The Divided God: Lucifer and evolution; the Luciferian Rite; origin of Satan’s divided nature; the angelic war in heaven; Freemasonry practiced in the Garden of Eden; Masonic All-Seeing Eye in the Garden of Eden; Adam and Eve’s sin; Christ can break the curse of Eden.

Chapter 2: The Hermaphrodite God: Ham, the first post-flood homosexual; homosexuality, a rite in mystery religions; homosexual gods and societies; the worship of the phallus in Freemasonry; is Freemasonry behind the homosexual lobby? Masonic judges protect sex deviates.

Chapter 3: Order out of Chaos: Cush, the builder of Babylon; Cush, the god of chaos; Freemasonry identifies with Cush; liberty is chaos.

Chapter 4: The Male God: Nimrod, the seed of the serpent; Nimrod, god of paganism; Nimrod, Freemasonry’s lost name of god; Nimrod attempted world government; United Nations patterned after Nimrod’s world government; Nimrod’s modern New World Order — Freemasonry.

Chapter 5: The Female God: Semiramis, wife of Nimrod; Semiramis, seed bearer of Lucifer; Semiramis, founder of the Eastern Star; Christ’s death on the cross conquered the seed of the serpent.

Chapter 6: The Mystery of Secrecy: Shem, a type of Christ; Shem, God’s battle-axe; Shem, the destroyer of Nimrod; mystery religions forced underground by Shem.


English Freemasonry, Banks, and the Illegal Drug Trade

By John Daniel

8 chapters, notes, bibliography, index — 221 pages


Table of Contents

Introduction: Drugs, Occult, and Deception. The Jewish Cabala contains the ancient mysteries and traditions held by the Jewish rabbis, which they acquired during their Babylonian Captivity (606-536 B.C.). The Cabala states that in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ingested hallucinogenic drugs to gain Knowledge. What does the account in the book of Genesis indicate? What does the book of Revelation say about drug use during the end days?


Chapter 1: Ancient Mystery Babylon and Drugs. The use of drugs in ancient mystery religions as a holy drink, as opium lozenges, as hashish sweets, and as cohoba snuff. Drugs used as an aphrodisiac during pagan religious rites, during black masses, and during sexual encounters with Satan.


Chapter 2: Modern Mystery Babylon and Drugs. British East India Company (BEIC) — the illegal drug distributor of the world from the 1603- 1873. The BEIC’s establishment of Masonic lodges throughout the Orient to protect the illegal drug trade. The British-Chinese Opium Wars. China cedes Hong Kong to London to establish drug banks. Chinese Triad Societies win Masonic revolution for Chiang Kai Shek. From Democracy to Communism.


Chapter 3: English Freemasonry’s Secret Agenda for Political Control of America. English Freemasonry’s South African gold and diamond mines used to finance the Southeast Asian opium farmers. Freemason Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Scholarships. How semi-secret English Masonic fronts are used in the illegal drug trade.


Chapter 4: Freemasonry and Central Banking. The rise of the Masonic house of Rothschild. Mail tampering, insider trading, and central banking. English Freemasonry centralizes wealth in Switzerland. Assassinations of American presidents who resist central banking. London’s plan to divide America by civil war. Freemason John Brown incites civil war. Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the American Civil War. The Knights of the Golden Circle — a Masonic front. Masonry and the Southern Confederacy. Masonic Banks and Wall Street. Lincoln’s fight against central banking.


Chapter 5: Gradualism: Gold, Dollars, Debt, and Drugs. 33rd degree Mason John Wilkes Booth is contracted by London to assassinate Lincoln. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — a Scottish Rite front. Jesse James, 33rd degree Masons robs banks to fund a second civil war in America. London’s role in the Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913. London’s role in the Stock Market Crash of 1929. London opens World Bank in 1930 to loot gold reserves of European nations. The Federal Reserve confiscates American citizens’ gold in 1933. Deficit spending, a road to wealth for British Masonic bankers. English Freemasonry’s successful plan to steal the gold from Fort Knox. United Nations and drugs.

Chapter 6: A Freemasonry of Terrorists. Right-wing European and South American terrorists controlled by English Freemasonry. Proof that death of Italian banker Roberto Calvi was a Masonic ritual murder. English Freemasonry, CIA, FBI, and illegal drugs. Proof John F. Kennedy was assassinated by English Masonic interests. The Warren Commission, a Masonic cover-up. Masonic assassination of Pope John Paul I. Masonic drug lodges in Europe and South America. The Falklands Drug War.


Chapter 7: London’s Drug War Against America. Freemasonry and the Mafia. Freemasonry’s attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II. Ethnic Mafiosi and Freemasonry. Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Masonic Research and drugs. Freemason George Orwell exposes English Freemasonry’s plan to destroy America through illegal drugs. Masonic drug counterculture. British rock and roll groups open new drug markets for English Freemasonry.


Chapter 8: Vietnam and the Drug Wars. From 1949 to 1950, Chiang Kai Shek and the Triad drug runners lose China to communism. Chiang’s western army flees to Burma to build opium empire. Red China backs North Vietnam in attempt to capture Burmese opium trade. British intelligence trains CIA on how to finance secret war against communism with Burmese drug money. Early 1950s, CIA moves into Burma to assist opium barons’ struggle against communist takeover. CIA transports drugs for opium barons. Drug wars in Southeast Asia escalate into Vietnam War. Fidel Castro wins communist revolution in Cuba and expels Mafia. John F. Kennedy is assassinated for pulling plug on Vietnam Drug War and Bay of Pigs operation. Cooperation between the CIA and the South American drug cartels in using Mena, Arkansas airport.