I desire to highlight your attention on this theme: Tibet as open source paradigm. Also, it is important to note that Tibet is not a common place of the world, but a very special one. According to René Guenon’s “The King of the World“, Tibet is the eye of the world. Even the morphologic space of Tibet has the form of an eye, with the superior arch of the Karakorum chain and the southern arch of Himalaya: so, Tibet is the Highland who leads into the hidden heart of the earth, the Agartthi, the place who dwells the Archon of the Earth and also, according to the Naqshabandi’s suphi tradition, the underworld where J.C descend over his journey after the cross. (Here just some words with strange sound and uncorrected).

As far as the new enlightenment – connectivism pocess, here an interesting article:

Linux/Open Source – China Blocks YouTube Over Tibet Videos

Access to YouTube.com, usually readily available in China, was blocked after videos appeared on the site Saturday showing foreign news reports about the