Europe needs for a new deal. 

After the failure of the Constitution project (French and Netherlands referendums), the point seems to be just to wait for something that have to happen elsewhere.

Just few months ago, American thinkers like Jeremy Rifkin were writing that the American Dream was at the sunset boulevard, while a new European Dream was rising.

At the present, things are quite different, because the European Dream has been frozen (if not hyberned) while something is going to happen in America.

The possible election of Barack Obama could means really the break out of old arguments like “Are you left? Right?  Big Government?  Small?” 

Into the speechs of Obama we can find statements that politics have to work for American families “and not to special interests of lobbyist”, or that the way is “to inspire people to try to do better in the world but to do so with a clear-eyed gaze, to understand that these things are not going to be easy”, knowing that “at the end of the conversation there are still going to be disagreements”; that the challenge is the idea of equality and opportunity and recognizing that “the world is smaller than we something think and that the aspirations of people around the world – although not always expressed in identical ways – really aren’t all that different”.

 All this arguments seems to be really democracy, even if the speech seems to become visionary as when he says “if we are willing to work for it and fight for it and believe in it, then generation from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good job to the jobless; this was the momnet when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on forth.”

The financiary crisis doesn’t help the optimistic preview; nevertheless something is changing.

If the American Dream could become something new into the consciousness that the world is more and more interdipendent and that people of the whole world have the same basic desires, that to insure basic freedom means give opportunities and chances to make the world a place where to live is a soul travel.

Even if all this can be reducted as propaganda, sure we needs for this utopian way to feel our life, and to communicate this way of life, we need for a more transnational and open source idea of the meaning of life. 

This is what – nevertheless the economic fear, nevertheless the obscurantist forces – is going to happen.

May the Light can be Merciful.