I desire to let you known about some dreams and some action I had and still I have in my life.

I have been always a student of the Bible. Then I learnt how to read the Hebrew through the magic instruments of McGregor Mathers’ interpretation of the Zohar.

My culture is about economics and organizational matters, but I always study ancient languages and doctrines.

One day I had a dream, and I began to inquire Holy Books to explain it. But: nothing. I have been reading all the 72 books of the Bible and there was no more than some than some pale illusion.

So I began to read the Quran and all the apocryphal writs, and to cultivate interest in all tradition, as Buddhism (especially the Mahayana version through T’ien T’ai and Nichiren Daishonin).

I got some experience in the mountain Etna (which, you know, is the higher active volcano in Europe). I got a Suphi initiation in the Naqshabandi order. But I felt this was not my real road. After this, I was on the road to make tiqqun in the Jewish tradition (because of some ancestors). Reading about the Baruch Spinoza’s life was enough to stop me from this purpose.

Then I wrote to a professor in Semitic languages, Luigi Moraldi. I was reading a book from this writer, and I thought it was extraordinary, because it was really what we needs to express the difference between fantasy and real doctrine. I mean the book of professor Moraldi is the Italian translation of the Manuscripts of Nag Hammadi, which is how to say the collection of the books of the Alexandrine Bibliotheque coming back from the fire.

I met professor Moraldi in Florence in 1997, and I had an interview (wich is published – in Italian – into the book “Kosmos e Kaos”). I suggest just that this interview ends with the phrase: “I didn’t say that, you made a mistake transcribing this, nevertheless this is perfect”.

I’m still searching the way to make more understable the matter of these discoveries about some strange parts of Holy Books. Unfortunately, professor Moraldi isn’t still living. In add, for personal reason, I stayed some years far from this kind of studies.

The coming back arrived when I precipitate from 5 meters (without serious consequences, like in a dream) , because of the destruction of a pavement. This accident remind me that each people has to work not just for the day but also for something else. the following night a spirit comes into my dream, and he suggest me to search into a book. So it will reveal more about my origins, and about himself.

Coherently, I’m now engaged in a work about the interpretation of some cuneiform texts with astrological/astronomical references, something I wish to communicate and share with few people who can understand ank know, within an international awareness movement as the open source philosophy applied to this strange fruits of knowledge.