We are into a cultural revolution, more deeper than in Seventies, nevertheless still we aren’t fully aware of this. Let’s work together in open source to generate an open society. The most part of people is not aware of this.

Nothwithstanding , internet systems and tools are definitely instruments which allow to a crescent number of people an international personality, something that before was possible just for very rich men…

most of people have not awareness of this opportunity… they talk and chat, and chit and chops through internet without seeing the revolutionary meaning…

So, when you state your clear position against war, they think it’s just to appear; instead this to share, to spread, to cultivate and make grow the seed of open mind in an open source society.

We are against war, because to make war is always to make someone else’s interest. Against war. Against religions, because we are believers. Against oppression.
Destroying weapons and spitting on it!
Light is for everybody.