Simple: because we think of the art of writing in a different way!  We strongly believe that writing itself is a supremely “magickal act”. In our view, writing is a key to open up the door of consciousness, a means to know our self, to transform our inner nature, and, in so doing, to transform the whole world around you. For us, therefore, to write is a supreme and unconditional act of will, of love and freedom.

We intend that the EUROPA MAGICA / MEDITHEATRE project will share this wonderful resource with others and act as a specialist tool for enquiring into the nature of consciousness, through writing, protecting such a delicate process from the risk of falling victim to the mundane vulgarity of a purely commercial system. Because of this and because also of the desire to present technological opportunities, we have been giving structure to new solutions for publishing, which until only recently would have been unrealisable.

Publishing with us has the advantage of not exposing yourself to expensive procedures. With us, you need only have the costs of a secretary and, of course, registration, for this alone is sufficient to have your book listed using the ISBN system of tracking, and this allows you to “exist” as an author and be a source of memory and intellectual thought.

But, above all, publishing with us means participating in a cultural revolution, which interprets the “open source” concept, not just with regards to its technological implications (such as in open source software movement), but also in its implication as a general system of Enlightenment – of greater awareness and heightened consciousness, a viewpoint which sees life as a shared opportunity for freedom, in its physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

For these reasons, we see writing as something that cannot be limited to a merely personal success, but, rather, as the rediscovery of the inner nature of the world – writing both as a means of enquiry into the very soul of things, and as a means by which to communicate the method and results of this enquiry – and here you will find the aspect of the truly eternal within the art. It is our sincerest hope that we can share this fantastic adventure with you.


The Publisher has the right to examinate the convergence between the purposed text and its own cultural aims.  The purposed texts have to be sent to   After analysis, it could follow an agreement proposal.  the Author will attach to this signed agreement a declaration where he/she will state to be the exclusive owner of the legal rights on the texts and the (evenctual) images.  After this it will be subscribed the quote of adhesion, which is of 25,00 € (twenty-five euros).   The amount is referred to the electronic format.  Author and Publisher may agree about limited edition in traditional press, which costs will be agree according to the number of the copies and the number of pages of each copy.

For further questions, please contact the email address above.