Looking from the perspective of emancipation, we note as the World is going to openness: this is the reason why the drake of obscurantism is moving as a fool…

Writing this, as organization involved in transforming secret in openness [in that strange world which is initiation’s experience], we want to underline that next April the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and – since the 21th – Venus, will be aligned in Aries against the old judge, Saturn in Libra.

You may or may not believe in astrological correspondences and other kind of signs, but what we are really talking about is that world needs to change, while the old obscurantist wants to hold their power in the old way…


Excerpta from TIME, 13 Dec, 2010 [Massimo Calabresi’s article]:

Assange can talk big — he gave TIME a lecture on the Founding Fathers — and may have something of a martyr complex. But he has shown himself an exceptionally talented showman. Frustrated that prior postings received little attention, he has arranged embargoed access to his more spectacular recent releases for the New York Times, the Guardian in Britain, Der Spiegel in Germany, El País in Spain and Le Monde in France. His release in April of a 2007 video from Iraq shocked Americans. Of his latest effort, which he says is producing a new, original story every two minutes, he tells TIME: “The media scrutiny and the reaction from government are so tremendous that it actually eclipses our ability to understand it.”(Read “WikiLeaks Comes Under Fire from Rights Groups.”)

The WikiLeaks founder mixes radicalism with a heavy dose of autodidactic erudition. When asked about Britain’s hard-line Official Secrets Act, which once punished the disclosure of virtually anything that one ever saw inside a British government office, including the state of the cheese sandwiches, Assange wrote, “The dead hand of feudalism still rests on every British shoulder; we plan to remove it.” When asked by TIME how he justified his actions, he launched into a discourse on the “revolutionary movement” that produced the U.S. Constitution and opined that the “Espionage Act is widely viewed to be overbroad, and that is perhaps one of the reasons it has never been properly tested in the Supreme Court.”  Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2034276-4,00.html#ixzz192ZrcRaM