It’s to made clear that the mystical order of the Golden Dawn doesn’t share nothing with the Greek far-right political movement ( that improperly uses this glorious formula.

Sure, we are talking about secret society, therefore nothing can be so sure.

But we are sure that at least the thelemic side of the Golden Dawn (the reform of Aleister Crowley)  is an enlightenment and emancipatory movement, which is something absolutely different from the obscurantist choice of the  “Popular Nationalist Movement” and “uncompromising Nationalists of the Greek’s so-called Golden Dawn, which opposes the “so-called Enlightenment” and the industrial revolution, while supporting National Socialism, giving a reading of neo-Pagan beliefs, as instrument to introduce nazi occultism.

The real Golden Dawn approach is emancipatory and about enlightenment for all.

Wynn Westcott, who was one of the founders of the glorious enlightenment movement of the classical Golden Dawn, as his motto he choose “Sapere Aude”, which is the famous answer given by Immanuel Kant to the question “What is enlightenment?”

Aleister Crowley, which is the controversial reformer of the movement, qualified his work as scientific enlightenment.  The main reference in our time to this approach is the open order of the Golden Dawn.

These two quotation are enough to mark a concrete and incommensurable difference between the reactionary Greek movement and the authentic Mystic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Khabs Am Pekht !!! !!! !!!

31 Jan 2011, Sun in Aquarius.