Do what thou wilt
The Light is All
Light is for All
The Light is Your

Ave Carissime/i,

ad duodecim tribibus, quae sunt in dispersione, salutem.

After performing the appropriate ceremonies [opening the Temple in Yesod, 2 = 9] in honor of the moon in its plenitude yesterday fell to its perigee, having this day closest approach to Earth as is the 18-year cycle, we are ready to honor the time that is coming this Spring Equinox.

Everything happens in time of great turmoil, a time when s’avverte forces of Spirit are in great transformation and therefore the world felt tremors that create conflicts whose signs are unavoidable, because that destiny is written in the sky.

The Equinox of this year 2011 [5771] is particularly characterized by these signs, since the time when you formalize the alignment of seven planets in opposition to Saturn, as the picture goes astral so openly visible

with Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune will also be in Aries Moon in its turn, in a month, in April, when the magnetic forces will have the maximum insulation astral forces of the old power.

What are the outcomes of social change that announces this new balance is impossible to say, either we believe or hope, because hope and believe that attitudes are left to others. We choose to act, even if it were only on the intellectual field of subtle energies of magnetism that is the subconscious work on it, the definition of Magick, AC defined as a method to determine changes in harmony with the will.

The willingness of our Societas Mazzini – the Circle of Orion and who is the top decision-making body – is to act for the emancipation and evolution of the spiritual world, through the development of consciousness. The Societas Mazzini greets the Risorgimento of the Mediterranean with respect, attention and search for enlightened dialogue with our brothers and sisters of the Maghreb, aware of the points of contact between the Qabalah, and Suphismo R + C, indicating the object in these comparative studies of future and research that promises to be the Societas reference point and an agent for publication and dissemination, in his capacity as the Library of the Mediterranean.

This circular is an arrow shot against the oppressors.

We know we need the Spirit of Saturn. But the spirit of Saturn is time to regenerate, and who has embodied so far (that drive the powerful nation-states) are no longer appropriate at the time. Therefore, it is the same Spirit of Saturn that rejects them, though his conservative party wants to resist, this can not continue beyond.

Should be given an understanding that a small elite controls the nation-states not for the common interest, but for the interest of its own.

In front of the paradigm shift of the energy cycle determined by the final phase of the cycle of oil, given the choice between nuclear and renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass) power elites react preferring nuclear, because nuclear power is a form of production for the few, while renewable energy is for everyone.

Anyone who wants to explore these themes, will gather information by reading these documents:

Ventotene Manifesto (the foundation of the ideals of freedom of modern Europe, where it is stated right from the front pages as the disaster of the world wars of the twentieth century has been determined by the tenacity of the old elites who had put the collar nation-states);

Hydrogen Economy (essay on the end of the cycle of oil, with a very interesting section that defines the nuclear system as a useful political oppression as easily controlled by a few, while sustainable energy (solar, wind, plants) are free, democratic , and all can be shared via open source web technologies);

The End of Poverty (essay stating openly that the evolution of technology makes it possible to ensure food and conditions of dignity for 10 billion people, and that the problem of world hunger is just a problem of distribution of power).

By choosing the nuclear power elites who control the nation-states know they can continue to do so. But what happened in Japan is a clear warning to the world. Nuclear technology is inappropriate and harmful. In contrast, the solar wind power promises to transform deserts into gardens. The biomass can fuel the engines of cars is not the future, but already the present.

We want to conclude this Round Equinox affirming certain principles of our work:

First, let us remember that we work in a transcendental dimension, free from material purposes;
Secondly, since men and women, we have awareness of our limitations and our needs;
On this basis the apparent return to reason, a reason new, transcendent;
The reason this method is the unification of conscious and subconscious, between individual will and transcendent will, between the microcosm and macrocosm, for the affirmation of the Will Unconditional;
this method is that all companies processing;
the historical condition of our present to indicate that it is no longer necessary to work in the hidden dimension: that is why our work is part of the Open Systems Golden Dawn;
anyone is able to receive and nurture that light with their works and their actions, is welcome if your heart is willing to participate in this movement of consciousness expansion.

This letter is sent in a circular shape, a copy reserved, so that recipients can not see the addresses of other recipients, to ensure compliance with personal inviolability. A copy of this letter will be affixed to the rim.

For us, through us, by us and our will, everything is perfect in the name of freedom and awareness.

“May the benefits of this act, and all acts, be dedicated unto the Complete Liberation and the Supreme Enlightenment of All Beings, everywhere, pervading space and time, so mote it be.”

F. O.D.L.;

S. I.S.I.S.

seen, the letter is complete and should be changed at any point

Lvx is the Law

The Law is Love Under Will

Love under Will is pure Energy

Pure Unconditioned Energy is Lvx