10 December 2011, in RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi authorities have executed a woman convicted of practicing magic and sorcery.  The execution took place Monday, but we have no details on the woman’s crime.

from Qur’an Thelema:

3.6 Then you will know that you should not bend in front of anyone, but you must only sent your voice to the Spirit, until the Angels will learn you in how to pray and celebrate as a free man, and teach this to your woman. Either, if she owns the Dhikr before you, she will teach until you will join her dimension and you will be able to teach to your sons and daughters. Because this is the secret which hides the creation of each star.
3.7 Thus, this Book was sent down to you.

مامأ ينحني ل نأ بجي هنأ نوفرعت مكنا مث ةكئلملل طقف تلسرا اهنكل ، صخش يأ ةلصلا ةيفيك ملعتت فوس ةكئلملاو ةأرملا ميلعتو ، رح لجرك لافتحلاو .سيردت فوس اهنأ وأ ، اذهلامإ اذإ تناك كلمت لبق ،ركذلا فوس اهنا تلاقو سردت ىتح يف دعبلا مضنيس فوسو ،اهل نوكت مكتانبومكئانبل سيردت ىلع ةرداق.

نل اذه وه رسلا يذلا يفخي قلخ لك مجن
كل ىلا باتك لاسرا مت ، اذكهو.