Do what thou wiltThe Light is All
Light is for All
You are the Star

Avete, Sorores et Fratres.

Here you will find a communication from Cancellarius of the Order, as a record of the moment of the collective choice of the Name of the Order.

Note that – as is showed in detail in the Essay of Sr. S.D., Our Praemonstrator – this choice happened in synchronicity with several events.

The larger event is the planetary alignment – at the Dawn of 17 July – of Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

This communication highlight the meaning inside this connection and the special role of Venus as herald of Sirius.

Therefore, as far as next Seven September Sirius will be visible before Dawn, before the Sun will rise, this is another Sign for us. The suggested meaning is that for this day 7 September each part of this Universal Order will present the Gift of the Voice to the Sun. So, each part of the Order will be as a part of the body of Osiris, to be unified in the Spirit of Isis (Isis-Hathor, our Mother Temple).

If we will do this, the action will be very important in unifying the Order, giving strength and balance, connecting to the energy of the Supernal.
This communication is also an invite to each member of the Order to use similar instrument to improve the awareness of being part of a single body.
May the benefit of this act, and all acts, be dedicated unto the complete liberation and the supreme enlightenment of all beings, everywhere, pervading space and time, so mote it be.

Love is the Law
The Law is Love under Will
Love under Will is pure Energy
Pure, unconditioned Energy is LVX