[I will never die]

The allegory inside the image [oil on canvas, 50×70] starts from the literary suggestion coming from the famous Baudelaire’s sonnet “La mort des artistes”. The image is focused on a skull in suspension on a vase, where an ideogram meaning “spirit” is drawn.

Flowers emerging from the skull, echoing the words of the sonnet, cry the hope that death will let the flowers of thought blooming. The temple beside gives a clear expression of the symbolic nature of this image.

The snake that is going to attack this “spirit” recalls the themes explored with the painting “How to eat it”, with the difference that this is not the moment of the conquer but, instead, the decisive round to consider death as the definitive prison or the step to go beyond, where a pale sun shines.

This fight is not without consequence: the red reverberation…

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