Kunn [The creative energy: acrylic, oil, seal wax and cotton on canvas, 65×50] is a composition where the influences of Imagism and Vorticism are clear since the abstract is fulfilled by the ideogram at the side of the painting, whose meaning is: “CREATIVE ENERGY; PERSEVERANCE; SUCCESS”. While having decide to find these words to express these ideas, the Author discovered that the ideograms for the meaning “perseverance” and the one to express “success” are composed each on by two nuclear sign, and the second one is the same for both, enforcing the idea many times showed in Chinese text of wisdom that “perseverance brings success”.
The explosion in the painting is aware of the big bang, the Bereshit [Hebrew for Latin Genesis] in Moses’ books. Around this radiating circle, two red shadows in quite human shape, in the act of adoration of this morning star. It…

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