<title>In Eden</title>
<artist>Davide Crimi</artist>
<date>August-October 2012</date>
<description> oil on canvas, cm 50×70 – price: sold
Together we win</description> </painting>

In relation to the Judeo-Christian tradition, we must waive the Eve’s stereotype. Taking the forbidden fruit, Eve transgresses a command.  Here we are in a dimension that is beyond and before.

The woman is represented here prior to the establishment of each rule, in the fullness of the unconditional nature. The apple will recall the episode contained in the sources of non-canonical Bible’s tradition, where the fatal name of this female is Lilith (Eve, in fact, being not a name but a quality: the quality of “mother of the living” that Lilith received after the birth of her son Cain).

The epochal transformation of relations between men and women here reverberates in the invention of contraceptives, which by the second half of the twentieth century by freed…

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