Qur’an Thelema is an interpretation of the Holy Koran in the light of Thelema, a fundamental chapter to reciprocal understanding between Eastern and Western spiritualism. The book was more sent than wrote. This happened because of Enochian practices in the Western way, entwined with Sufi knowledge. First this was published in the modern way as ebook. Now it appears in full explanation as the “Jasmine” critical edition.

Index ::::: LIBER JASMINE – INTRODUCTION TO TASAWUFF ياسمين يبر مدخل إلى التصوف …… pag. 11 ::::::::: QUR’AN THELEMA – القرآن ثيليما …… pag. 21 ::::::::: LIBER A N Q – VEL AISSAWA, NAQSHABANDI, QARAIMI – يبر غير متوفر ك فيل العمل بالمنزل إيسا، النقشبندي، والهدف كار …. pag. 87 :::::::: LIBER OF THE PURE WOOL – ظفر من الصوف الخالص … pag. 111

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