[12 12 12 – 21 12 20 12 – 20 12 20 12] The Estela No. 6 [Stele number 6] is the archaelogical stone hold in the Museum of Anthropology and History Carlos Pellicer House of Tabasco (one of 31 Mexican states, capital: Villahermosa) which is the origin of all credences about the end of the world and similar prophecies.  This was found in 1958 in the hills Tortuguero, at Macuspana.   The Maya’s Collection director, Carlos Pallana Gayol, prefers to interpret that the Estela indicates the end of a period and not the end of the world, while anthropologists believe this is due in reason of the director’s salary.  Anyway, the stele is not a single object but a monument, (La Estela 6 esta conformada por 3 fragmentos, el primero de ellos se encuentran resguardado en el interior del museo estatal, el segundo fragmento se encuentra en el Museo Internacional de Nueva York, mientras que otra pieza está en manos de un coleccionista privado), being the only document of the Mayan classic period that specifically refers to the date the so-called “Ajaw K’ank’kin”, the end of the thirteenth round of 394 years, meaning the equivalent of 21 or 23 December 2012.  The meaning is that this Solstice is that for the Earth, but it is an Equinox for the Solar System.  (The orbit of the Sun around the center of the Galaxy is elliptic.  We are moving from the far point – Cauda Draconis – to the Nadir – the closest distance to the center, in the Southern position). As we may quote from the Spanish Wiki, “La enigmática Estela 6, en la que ha puesto sus ojos el mundo, describe el descenso de Bolom Yokte “Señor de la Luz”, en ella está escrita la fecha 2012, que es cuando terminará el ciclo actual según la cuenta larga maya y finaliza el 13vo Baktun, o período de 394 años en que se divide el Calendario maya.” An interesting dossier about the Stele may be found here: Maya Decipherment.


The Original Form of Tortuguero, Monument 6

(Main section drawing by I. Graham, right wing by D. Stuart; source: http://decipherment.wordpress.com)


Searching for astronomic correspondences, we may note that no meaningful event is possible to find through ephemerides, nor phaenomena like eclipse or comet are foreseen for that date.

Anyway, we may consider that the day is peculiar in reason of its inner nature, being at least the Winter Solstice.  For people used to skyre, we announce this will be a nice day to receive communication by the Invisible, a New Path for the Adepts, as this simple enigma is received in the Light of the Morning Star:



गेट गेट गेट पैरा पैरा सैम गेट बोधी शूआ हा