Acoustic call [Enochian] made in 12 December 2012 (natural sound)


The same record, with the central section amplified and in slow speed:

On December 21 2012, because of  the Precession of the Equinox –  the karmic South Node (Cauda Draconis) is conjunct Algol, while the constellation of Aquarius enters the Celestial Pole.

The Solar System shows three main motions:

1. The orbital motion of the Solar System around the center of the galaxy. The Solar System completes an orbit around the galaxy center each ~226 million years.

2. The second movement, which is described in most of astronomy books, is an oscillation of the Solar System from north to south and from south to north with respect to the galactic plane. The oscillation “upwards” and “downwards” is mainly established by the gravitational pull exerted by other bodies of the Solar System on the Sun, i.e. planets, asteroids, etc.

3. The third motion is a displacement of the solar system towards and outwards the center of the galaxy. It is also an oscillatory movement that is affected by the gravitational pull of cosmic objects in and out the galaxy that are relatively close to the Solar System. This motion has a speed of 20 Km/s, and it is now on course with a spectacular alignment with a bright star.

Is this star Capella?  It should be, according to the star map.  But Capella must be lesser bright than Sirius (the Dog, at the left of Orion), and this is not.  Maybe is it the planet Jupiter, that star maps are positioning between Orion and the Pleiades?  If so, Jupiter should be higher than Pleiades, and it is not like that.  Can it be  the star Algol, the star called by Hebrew also Lilith and Nibiru for Sumerian? Maybe, but prevision of the astronomers tell us that Algol is at its minimum in these days.

At the moment, I have not the answer.  I can not recognized it in the maps. Maybe I just had a vision.  And that vision produced the image of a dazzling star, and a voice, recorded in the strings above.

Equinox in December 21 2012 gets to the most distant away from the center of the galaxy.  Since then,  for the next 13,000 the Solar System will move towards the center of the Galaxy.