it is with his incomparable higher elegance and style that our mystical V.H. Brother D.B., the W.D., seems to be have gone away, celebrating his Last Ritual.  There’s no need to add nothing else, because the news is even iper-inflated and we want no more and no less tell you about the invisible ray that came to us as communication by the Astral Moon where the Resonance is now enveloped, waiting the final destination according what is explained in human terms in the Chandogya Upanisad, about the decree that has been promulgated after the increment of obscure energy, to break the veil of the dark light, creating new transnational currents to have access to that Hidden Knowledge coming from the Morning Star.

Therefore, with this proposal, here a communication whose aim is to enhance & empower the connective feeling between Orders which are committed to the expansion of individual consciousness of their Adepts, and to enlarge the federate approach in reason of the extension of the emancipation against the obscurantist forces that still have their hands on the power’s institution.

That Black Star liberated from money and from each kind of metallic attraction the symbolic personality of our V.H.B. and M::, so that we may be more aware about the transient dimension of this life upon the earth and opening a new current to feel the Spiritual Path accepting the mantle and the mask of the Unknown Philosopher.

Finally, this Letter is addressed to all the actual and potential Adept who are interested in create communication and exchange of patents to generate a current and a wave of Initiated Societies with the aim to work sincerely on the spiritual side, far from the material wish to make money and able to edify the Invisible Transnational Temple.

This Temple, whose place is already working and whose home is everywhere there is a Brother of this Spiritual Current, opens its door to all that personalities who have become aware that the Spiritual Path is the only way to improve our individual consciousness and go beyond the limits imposed by the obscurantist forces which driving governments and institution and go towards a better world, a space and time of freedom and growth in health and consciousness.

Welcome to that ones who’ll contact us to enlarge and increase this Hidden Light.