The personalities portrayed are showing the same hand’s gesture. Maybe, we should be able to explain what does it mean that gesture, and the better way can be to show the traditional gesture of benediction, which is the following one: as you can see, the birkhat cohanim, the benediction sign is given posing a division between the fingers two by two, exceptioning the thumb. It is to say thay it is not a natural gesture, because that division can not be obtained without have reference with the will to impress that shape.

birkah cohanim gesture

This is the traditional (regular) sign of Israel’s tradition. If so, what about the former? The composition of the second and third finger in distance from the index and the little finger is even more difficult than the regular division, and many people are not able at all in performing it, if they don’t hold on with the other hand that shape. The sign is used to be understood as a reference for those Israel’s inherithors who lose their birthright to be considered as part of the mystical body of Israel after they (or their fathers, mothers and ancestors) converted to catholicism or (especially in Eastern countries) to Islam. In a few words, the gesture we see in the hand of Miguel De Cervantes, Christopher Columbus, Marsilio Ficini, John Milton, Roger Bacon… read more

kohen qabbalah