The most important and qualified Europa Magica translation in English is related to the ISIS-HATHOR open source approach.  Through this website you can see deeply the meaning of open source philosophy applied to a modern knowledge society, its collective consciousness, its individual awareness.  Europa Magica is working also with the aim to transform this UK based nucleus in a more extended and fully European treasure of common values.  The meaning of this goal is well understood if you think that qabalah and gnosticism and suphi tradition are strictly inter-related at their (phoenician) basis, and buddhism and yoga are a world heritage shared through esoteric knowledge to the whole world, etc.

We are working to improve the publications of EUROPA MAGICA as international review, and you contribution is welcome.  Connectivism, Technological Enlightenment, Open Source: all these are expression of our willing to sign our terrestrial experience in the name of knowledge and emancipation.

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